Flex Academies is committed to providing safe, high quality enrichment programs for the students and the schools we serve. We believe that working together with our vendor partners we can deliver the highest levels of program quality that our customers can rely on.

In order to be accepted as a “Flex Academies Certified Vendor” in 2018-19, our vendor partners must meet the following set of Flex Quality Standards throughout their contract with Flex Academies.

  • Vendors provide high-quality and engaging classes that are fun and enriching for participants of all levels.
  • Children are supervised at all times, including arrival and departure.
  • Vendors arrive on time and prepared to teach and engage students as soon as class starts.
  • Vendor staff encourages children to take initiative, make choices, be responsible, and take on challenging tasks and activities.
  • Vendor staff members are subject to thorough background checks.
  • Vendors are required to provide proof of appropriate insurance.
  • The vendor makes reasonable accommodations to the program and schedule so that children with special needs may participate.
  • The vendor supports opportunities for family involvement by providing Flex with weekly class reports to be shared with families.
  • Vendor administration and instructors communicate quickly and appropriately with Flex staff (including On Site Coordinators) regarding absences, injuries or other issues.