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Online Enrichment

I wanted to let you know how grateful my family is that Flex ONE has been offering the online classes – we have been participating in the Chess classes. Our boys have been doing the Chess classes at school and were very disappointed they weren’t going to be able to participate with school closed. So from all of us here is a big THANK YOU!

Sheryl Raskin, Chevy Chase, MD

My kids have been enjoying the online enrichment offerings since day one. I love that my kids are able to make new friends across the country. As a parent, I especially appreciate that the instructors are all background checked and certified by the Flex ONE team. Total peace of mind for me and my wife.

Brett Isaacson, Park City, UT

Online Tutoring

As a parent, I was skeptical about online tutoring for my 5-1/2 year old daughter. However, the super tutor that she was matched with made an instant connection with her. Then, the Spanish tutoring began and has been successful since day one.

Betina Turek, Washington, DC

Super Tutors took the time to get to know me and my family to make the right match for my children. Not only did they make the right match when it comes to their educational needs, they seem to have provided role models for my children too. The tutoring online has been easier than I anticipated, especially with these amazing mentors on the team.

Alissa Pecora, Greenwich, CT

Online Summer Camp

Our 5 year old is in his first week of Flex ONE camp and is loving it! I am surprised at how much he pays attention and participates in the classes. Every day he has new activities and courses. I thought he would like the physical activity course the most, but he is really enjoying the art classes. The counselors are extremely engaging and keep the kids involved and participating.

Mark Newlan

With summer camps closed in our town, Flex ONE to the rescue. We loved the mix of counselor led activities, as well as my kids getting to choose two enrichment activities each day. Sure, it is not the summer we had imagined. But, it was an opportunity for my family to experience a theme each week at camp and make new friends. That is making the best out of a tough situation. Thanks Flex ONE!

Rachel Bankaci, Pittsburgh, PA

Online Child Care

With our employees working from home, the team from Flex Academies was able to help us think thoughtfully about taking care of our team. The idea of reimagining child care was new to us, and will be a part of what we provide for the foresseable future. Not where we expected to be, but proud to be there with Flex Academies.

Adam Isaacson, Washington, DC

The “benefits” my company was offering were not resonating with our employees who were parents. They were not interested in a gym membership or meditation app for their phone. They wanted help with their children. Reimagining child care with Flex Academies was exactly what they wanted. And, they are now happier and more productive. Win-win.

Vlad Mihata, Amsterdamn, Netherlands


There were a few afterschool program teachers in dance and art that the kids really loved, and we wanted to keep them. Flex Academies did a good job of working them into their program, allowing those vendors to stay with us and work with them. And they exposed those instructors to other schools, which helped them, too.

Kathleen Tayman, Enrichment Coordinator, Potomac, MD

Flex Academies is great to work with. The classes are still taught by many of our teachers, and Flex Academies has brought in many new classes that the kids love. While it is not the fundraiser it used to be, it makes us a decent amount, and has taken a stress load off the PTA. We have been able to utilize our volunteers in other events / programs.

Janine Scharff, PTA Principal, Greenwich, CT


It was a no brainer when we decided to have Flex Academies manage our before and after care program. Our parents love that the Flex Academies leadership team is highly communicative. I love that they continue to spend time getting to know our families and think critically to make a program that works well for our community. Our students love going to Flex Academies for summer camp and afterschool – they love the staff and the activities!

Vanessa Drumm-Canepa, Principal, Washington, DC

Our ‘Eagle’s Nest’ after school program has offered a safe and fun environment which has allowed our students to thrive. The children explore and play through building with natural materials, solving problems with other students, and following their personal interests. The program has truly heightened the sense of community in our school and has provided children of all ages an opportunity to get to know one another. The participants have built their own little family. This sense of safety, belonging, acceptance and accomplishment has contributed to an increase in confidence for the students that attend. I highly recommend this program!

Trish McGuire, Principal, Connecticut, CT


We were so grateful that Flex organized a summer camp at Langley. It provided a seamless transition into summer for our daughter, who had just finished PK3 and was excited every morning to rejoin many of her classmates in a familiar school environment, and to meet so many new friends as well! The staff were warm, welcoming, and energetic, and always went the extra mile to plan enriching and themed activities for campers while also allowing them enough time for free play and wind-down activities. I can’t imagine what we would have done if there hadn’t been such a high-quality and affordable option right in our own neighborhood. We look forward to sending our daughter back this coming summer!

Lauren Kunis, Parent, Washington, DC

As PTA we were thrilled to co-organize summer camp with Flex Academies. This was the first summer camp that we were able to offer and our community really appreciated it. Langley parents liked that students could stay in their routine, having familiar teachers and being in the same building and neighborhood families appreciated that the camp was open to them and that they had a short commute. The camp was also extremely well run and everyone had a lot of fun. As Flex Academics gives parts of the profit to the PTA, it also helped us to generate funding. We look forward to keep working with Flex Academics and offering more camps.

Kathrin, Parent, Washington, DC

Flex Academies Providers

I have greatly enjoyed working alongside the children and staff at Flex Academies as a provider throughout the past several months. My organization has a had positive working relationship with Flex for years and especially during these difficult times, I was glad that we were able to still work together to offer children, near and far, an opportunity to have quality educational experiences through Flex Academies. Especially with the new digital format, I want to particularly thank all the staff at Flex Academies, who have always been very responsive and supportive, which made my job as an educator much easier!

Kendall Musgrave, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Stamford, CT

Overtime Athletics has been a partner of Flex Academies from the beginning; with that many of our Overtime Athletics Franchisees across the country work with their respective FLEX Office/Territory. If your school is in need of an enrichment management company, FLEX is one of the best in the business.

Chris Whelan, Overtime Athletics, Nationwide

Adrenaline Studio is proud to partner with Flex Academies. They provide consistent communication with us, the vendor, and act as a great liaison with our clients for our classes. Flex Academies is always willing to be creative with us for scheduling classes and creating new and exciting camps and programs that we can offer. We feel like a true partner with Flex.

Jennifer Koonce, Adrenaline Studio, Washington, DC

The team at Flex One is a well-trained, highly motivated, and innovative group of seasoned professionals dedicated to helping me to  focus on my core strengths, expand my network, and grow my business to new heights. With Flex One’s ahead of the curve approach to virtual learning and cutting edge technology, I have been able to reach more students, in new regions, faster and more effectively than I could ever have done on my own. The partnership with Flex One has been the greatest resource in developing my business, especially during these changing times. 

Felix Lopez, Chess by Felix, Westchester NY

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