We make it easy

We help you expand your business

It's difficult to get into schools' enrichment program on your own. We have relationships that allow us to bring your classes to new communities.

Flex Academies handles all the details

There's lots of administrative work in managing enrichment programs. We take care of it for you, so you can focus on instruction.

Tell parents what you are teaching

Some programs don't let you communicate with parents. We encourage it, by providing the opportunity to email parents on our new registration system.

Helping you grow your business

Providers are compensated per child.

Instead of getting paid per class, you get paid per child. It's simple -- the more kids who register for your class, the more you get paid.

Providing opportunities in different markets

Expand your business to new schools, and even new states, based on Flex Academies' relationships with schools.

Coordinating administrative tasks

Our Onsite Coordinators manage the entire program, and we provide all administrative support and marketing.

Additional business opportunities

Flex Academies runs special events at schools: camps, date nights, back to school nights. And providers are invited to be a part of these events.

Industry leaders to manage the entire process

With Flex Academies, you focus on teaching high quality programs that are safe and fun, and we do the rest. We handle all of the administrative issues, and promotion of your program. And, we also provide tremendous opportunity for you to expand your business.

Let's get started

Find out how Flex Academies lets you do what you love — teach children. Plus, we help you expand your business and relieve you of administrative functions.