We make it easy!

Fun activities

We learn about your school community from your PTA and offer activities that
your kids will love.

Convenience Matters

You don't have to drive to another after school activity. Classes are held right at school, with your child's friends.

Easy registration

No need for paper forms, and checks. Register online, using credit cards.
It's that easy.

Flex Academies Knows What Parents and Kids Want

Safety is Key

Background checks on all instructors, and each school has a Program Manager to run the day to day program.

So many choices of classes

From STEAM to STEM, sports and karate, dance and music, we know what will excite your kids.

Programs run smoothly

We have Program Managers at every school to manage the entire process.

We make it fun

Kids are in a familiar environment, and with their friends. It's fun!

Safety is key

Safety is the most important part of our programs. We run background checks on all of our instructors, and staff. Our Program Managers are at every school, and follow stringent check-in and check-out procedures for all of our programs.

Let's get started

Sign up your child for our programs. Don't let them miss out, and find out about it afterwards!