Our super tutors make students feel like superheroes in and out of the classroom

Our superpower is a proven matching system to connect students with the best online tutor for them, based on their unique needs, personality, and interests.
We personally hand-pick the online tutor most suited for each student’s academic needs and learning style based on our proven matching system. Our super tutors can work with children on reading, writing, math, languages, and organizational skills. They all share a love of learning and teaching, and are knowledgeable in curriculum and academic requirements.

See Our Tutors in Action

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See Our Tutors in Action

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Why Schools & Families Choose Us

Multi-Factor Matching

Our tutors are matched by our team based on subject knowledge, personality styles, and shared interests, creating a special bond between student and tutor.

Continued Learning

Easily accessible tutoring in a variety of formats helps schools and families fight COVID slide, summer brain drain, homework battles, and prepare each child for success.

Safe & Reliable

All of our tutors are certified and background checked, and provide full session reports within 24 hours to parents, detailing their student’s preparation, progress and energy.

What Our Parents Are Saying

As a parent, I was skeptical about online tutoring for my 5-1/2 year old daughter. However, the super tutor that she was matched with made an instant connection with her. Then, the Spanish tutoring began and has been successful since day one.

Betina Turek, Washington, DC
What Our Parents Are Saying

Super Tutors took the time to get to know me and my family to make the right match for my children. Not only did they make the right match when it comes to their educational needs, they seem to have provided role models for my children too. The tutoring online has been easier than I anticipated, especially with these amazing mentors on the team.

Alissa Pecora, Greenwich, CT

Tutoring Services Tailored to Each Student’s Needs


1:1 Tutoring

1:1 Tutors help students by providing personalized tutoring tailored to their needs. Our 1:1 tutoring sessions build a student’s skills and understanding of a topic and encourage them to develop the confidence to take on educational challenges.


Group Tutoring

Group tutoring sessions give students a shared online space to learn and collaborate. Our group sessions are still personalized like the 1:1 sessions, but students can engage with peers as they learn new skills and topics together.


Daily Homework Check-In

Homework help is a regularly scheduled session that concentrates on school work. The anxiety and frustration homework creates is real; our homework help sessions lessen the stress by having students create and follow systems to complete the assessments and further their understanding of the topics.


Embedded In-Class Service

Embedded In-Class sessions are the most comprehensive sessions we offer. Tutors join the students during school time and work live in real-time to help students review and aid in instruction depending on the needs of the student and instructor.

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Child care

A virtual solution built for your organization to address today’s demands of striking a balance between work and care while children are at home.

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