After the free Flex Needs Assessment is sent to your community and we review the results, it will be easy to determine what types of classes make the most sense for your school. Flex will customize a program especially for your school with that variety based on the parent input from the survey. Just so you know – the Flex Needs Assessment has been offered to over 5,000 families in Montgomery County with conclusive results and reviewed by teams of educational professionals.
Flex Academies has over $1 million in insurance that fully covers any and all activities at your school. The letter of intent between Flex and your PTA will clearly show that the Flex insurance is covering the activities and the PTA insurance will not be used at all.
Flex doesn’t cost your PTA a single penny to implement and there is no financial risk, ever. The formula is simple. Your PTA receives a percentage of the net profits from club registrations. That’s it! So the more classes and students you have, the more your PTA can earn.
Absolutely! With Flex we partner with your administration and PTA to create a robust, well structured and well managed set of activities. Therefore, the quality/variety of offerings, safety and security, management of the registration process from beginning to end and working with providers is all on us. All of it!
The Flex programming at each school is overseen by a team comprised of representatives of the PTA, the school and Flex. This team sets the parameters of what after school programming best complements the desires of the community, reviews programming and studies financial reports created by the accountant. In addition Flex has our own book keeper who maintains the accounting through Quickbooks (therefore we can provide a copy to your treasurer), processes payments for providers and sends 1099s during tax time.

Parent FAQ

The cost per class is on par with other after school programs. The average for Flex is $15-20 per class ($11-15/hour for an 80-minute class), which is well in line with or better than most kids’ activities at other schools. And, it is well below the cost per hour what a parent would pay for the same group instruction “off campus.”
Flex Academies allows late registration for classes that still have openings. There will be a late charge of $20 added to the cost of the class. Processing of the registration takes time, and students who register after the start of the session will be permitted to attend the program the week after registration is completed.
A core principle of the Flex partnership is that all after school programming at each school is open to all students and cost should not be a deterrent. In fact, 100 percent of the students who have requested a scholarship have been awarded one to a Flex activity of their choice. Scholarships are available both through Flex and the PTA to qualifying students. All requests are always kept confidential.
Flex Academies makes reasonable accommodations for students with special needs to participate. Please specify any adaptive equipment, personnel or other accommodations you need to participate in a program for which you have registered.
Flex will identify, meet and then screen all of instructor partners who participate in the after school activities. The partners who provide the instructors are selected based on the initial survey to see if the community has a preference towards a provider, meeting each partner face to face, and performing an extensive background check.

Principal FAQ

You may have had the experience of instructors showing up late or worse, not showing up at all for their afterschool sessions. Flex’s on site coordinator is at your school every day that Flex activities are scheduled. The coordinator meets instructors at the door, gets their visitor badges, provides them with the day’s rosters, and makes sure they get to their assigned locations. And the coordinator is in communication with the instructors if there is any issue.
The Flex on site coordinator takes attendance in each activity and prepares a report that is sent home to parents to let them know that their child was in that day’s session. The emailed report also addresses the group’s energy, progress, preparation, and provides a recap of the day’s activity.
Flex Academies handles everything from program design to registration to daily on site management. The only person needed from your school is a PTA liaison to help promote the program to parents. Leave the rest up to Flex!
Yes. Flex offers a variety of ways to partner with your PTA to make your afterschool enrichment program the best it can be. For details, contact us and tell us about your school’s unique needs.

Provider FAQ

Flex is always looking for fun and enriching classes for area students. Our provider partners provide skilled and reliable teachers in the arts, sports, and life skills such as cooking, technology and more.
We help our providers eliminate administrative hurdles and grow their business so that they can focus on teaching and developing curriculum for students
We require evidence of a national background check for each instructor and specific insurance levels to protect our providers, Flex and our students.