Flex Academies

Expanding the World of Enrichment with Our Own Offerings

Flex Academies is proud to announce that we are adding brand new classes that will be taught by our employees. We noticed a gap in enrichment offerings, so we decided to utilize our expertise in enrichment to develop our own classes to enhance our programs.

We are excited to bring Globetrotter Games, Tranquila Arts, and Cranium Clubs to your school. Please ask us today about our new approach to global sports, an arts program infused with relaxation techniques, and a new way of learning that makes it fun!

Globetrotter Games is a unique enrichment program that exposes children to the world’s cultures by teaching sports and games played throughout the world. Although children are not yet able to enter the political arena, learning sports and games from different cultures around the world can make them better people in our society. From homegrown favorites like tag and kickball, to Japanese baseball and Brazilian Capoeira, our kids become aware of traditional and new ways of seeing sports and ultimately, the world.

Tranquila Arts is a brand new category in children’s art classes combining stress relief and creative art projects. Our arts program is a unique enrichment class that explores relaxation techniques for children through a variety of art-based projects and activities. Kids today are feeling anxiety and stress at very young ages. Art has always been recognized as a relaxing activity. Painting, drawing, and ceramics naturally calm children and adults alike.

Cranium Clubs is a place for kids to get together after school to socialize, soak up some fun, and simply extend their learning time. Our instructors find all sorts of creative ways to help kids grow their knowledge base and confidence with our unique curriculum. The learning never ends, whether it is taking place in our homework, book, or writing club, or while playing card or board games! This enrichment activity really gets kids thinking in a new, fun way.