Invite Flex Academies To Your PTA Meeting!

At Flex Academies, we love what we do and we’re proud of how we are able to connect students to amazing classes and programs in your community—right at your school. And what better way to share our enthusiasm for our partnership with you than by attending one of your...
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Flex Academies Makes Enrichment Easy

If your school is looking to enhance, or create, an outstanding and safe enrichment program. We have the solution. Flex Academies, a leader in enrichment program management,takes the burden...
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An Onsite Coordinator Keeps Your Afterschool Program Running Safely and Smoothly

More kids than ever before are taking part in afterschool programs. There are different  reasons for this, but a big part of the increased popularity of these programs is...
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Flex Academies Can Boost Your PTA Fundraising

Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) all over the United States are always looking for new, innovative ways to raise money for their schools. From bake sales to major school events,...
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Combating Volunteer Burnout with Flex Academies

In school districts across the country, parent volunteers are the life force for afterschool programs. These volunteers donate the time and resources that make these programs successful. Because volunteers...
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