We Are Proud to Honor Our Vendors with the “Flex Academies Certified Partner” Seal

At Flex Academies, we are proud to offer enrichment classes to students that are run by qualified professionals at the top of their game. When you see the “Flex Academies Certified Partner” seal on the website of one of our partner providers, you can be confident that this company...
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Your Child’s Safety is Our Top Priority at Flex Academies

One of our greatest sources of pride at Flex Academies is the quality and diversity of the afterschool programming we offer to our students. We have a broad range...
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Invite Flex Academies To Your PTA Meeting!

At Flex Academies, we love what we do and we’re proud of how we are able to connect students to amazing classes and programs in your community—right at your...
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Flex Academies Makes Enrichment Easy

If your school is looking to enhance, or create, an outstanding and safe enrichment program. We have the solution. Flex Academies, a leader in enrichment program management,takes the burden...
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An Onsite Coordinator Keeps Your Afterschool Program Running Safely and Smoothly

More kids than ever before are taking part in afterschool programs. There are different  reasons for this, but a big part of the increased popularity of these programs is...
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