Your Child’s Safety is Our Top Priority at Flex Academies

One of our greatest sources of pride at Flex Academies is the quality and diversity of the afterschool programming we offer to our students. We have a broad range of fun, exciting activities that get students excited about learning and growing. Whether it’s a pottery course or a Lego...
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An Onsite Coordinator Keeps Your Afterschool Program Running Safely and Smoothly

More kids than ever before are taking part in afterschool programs. There are different  reasons for this, but a big part of the increased popularity of these programs is...
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As a longtime partner with school districts and PTAs, we know how important fundraising is for the school community. Essential educational activities are possible because parent groups raise the...
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Afterschool programs help develop new generations of leaders

SUMMARY An article on the Idaho Ed News website profiles an afterschool program for low-income students in the Boise School District, which focuses on providing fifth- and sixth-grade students...
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Combating Volunteer Burnout with Flex Academies

In school districts across the country, parent volunteers are the life force for afterschool programs. These volunteers donate the time and resources that make these programs successful. Because volunteers...
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