The Many Life-Long Skills Learned in Karate

Karate is a Japanese form of martial arts that uses hands and feet for self defense. There are many benefits to karate to include: A safe place to release energy An opportunity to achieve through the belt system Enhanced physical fitness and flexibility Enhanced mental acuity Improved discipline, which...
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The Positive Power of Sports

Sportsmanship helps children develop important 21st-century skills and emphasize the lifelong benefit of these key virtues: Leadership – Playing sports provides a variety of opportunities to practice leadership skills,...
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Big Benefits of Multiple Language Learning for Children

Many parents, children, educators, and administrators would like to have foreign languages available at the elementary level, but budgetary realities prevent many school districts from being able to offer...
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5 Tips for a First Time Volunteer Coach

Many youth sport organizations rely on volunteers to coach the league’s teams. Volunteer coaches give their time, energy and spirit to help give the children an opportunity to learn...
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Why Coding?

In the 21st century knowledge-based economy, computer programming, or coding, has emerged as a required general skill from its origins in the 1970s as a niche skill for specialists....
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