Why Enrichment Programming is Essential in Post-COVID Times


Why Enrichment Programming is

Essential in Post-COVID Times


As we head back to in-person learning, before and afterschool programs are more essential than ever. School districts and students alike are trying to find a hint of normalcy, and plenty of support is going to be needed to achieve this goal. Kids need help with social skills, as they’ve been learning behind a screen for months on end. They need academic guidance, as they’ve fallen behind to the COVID slide. They need safety, supervision, and plenty of smiles along the way, too, as even this positive of a change can feel challenging after going through so many months of unknown.

Below, we’ll touch on two of the main ways before and after care programs can benefit our families as they return to typical school settings — social-emotional learning and parent peace-of-mind:

Before and Afterschool Care Programs Build Social Skills

As school districts return to life after COVID-19, one primary area of emphasis will be the development of social and emotional skills to bolster academics, attendance, healthy relationships, self confidence, and so much more. 

Some of the most important social skills include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsibility
  • Decision making

Each of these areas are greatly enhanced by before and afterschool programs. Students need increased time to develop social skills, and these programs are the perfect setting in which to do so. Research has even connected these abilities to better performance in the classroom — something we’re all in search of after a long and challenging year of distance learning.

Enrichment Time Benefits Families, Too

Before and afterschool care programs are also a necessity for parents in today’s working environment. Workplace demands are changing from virtual to in-person tasks, increasing the need for quality childcare. With enrichment programming, parents know their children are safe, having fun, and learning both academically and socially along the way.

In summary, before and afterschool care programs provide an advantage for all students enrolled. They’re enjoyable and educational in more ways than one, and the peace of mind provided to parents is absolutely essential as well.

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