Former COO Michael Fay Buys Flex Academies 


Former COO Michael Fay Buys Flex Academies 

Company Leaders Praise Split as Beneficial to Parents, Clients


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May 10, 2021                                                                                 (202) 891-8288


Washington, D.C. — Michael Fay, former Chief Operating Officer for Flex Academies, has purchased the company’s operations. He will become the majority owner and CEO of Flex Academies. Flex Academies Founder Joshua Chernikoff will become CEO and owner of Flex Tutors but retain shareholder status in Flex Academies.

Chernikoff says this is the right time for this transition as Flex Academies enters a new phase, and that Fay’s expertise makes him the ideal person to lead. 

“As the former operations head of Flex Academies, Michael is the perfect person to shape the company’s future,” said Chernikoff. “He has worked closely with our partner schools in six states to earn their trust. As schools ramp up and resume onsite enrichment and after-care programs, Michael will position Flex Academies to grow and thrive. He is a visionary business leader with a keen eye for delivering quality.” 

Fay says he’s excited for the future of Flex Academies.

“This is a rare opportunity to take a respected brand with a reputation for quality to the next level. I am passionate about the ‘in-person’ side of what we do at Flex Academies, and ready to lead this company at a time when schools will need us most,” said Fay. “And as Josh and I work well together, we’ll be there for mutual support.”

As CEO of Flex Tutors, Chernikoff will lead the company’s online tutoring as well as its online summer camps and other programs, but he realizes that right now, many parents and students are burned out on online learning. So, he says that the company will wait to launch its online initiatives until after July 4. 

With many students returning to full school schedules this Fall, Chernikoff says there will be a need for what he calls “high-dosage tutoring” to help some students who have fallen behind. He says that Flex Tutors will be ready.

“Schools and families will need us, and we want to be part of the recovery,” said Chernikoff.

In addition to leading Flex Tutors, Joshua Chernikoff has taken on roles as senior advisor, board member and consultant for various education entrepreneurs. You can learn more about him at his website, joshchernikoff.com.

In the coming weeks, leaders of Flex Tutors and Flex Academies will be enhancing their existing systems, people and processes. The purchase of Flex Academies was finalized on May 7.

About Flex Academies and Flex Tutors

Flex Academies is a first-in-kind, premier enrichment, before and after school care, tutoring and vacation camp provider. Flex Academies currently serves more than 80 schools in six states. Since its founding in 2011, more than 250,000 students’ lives have been enriched by Flex Academies. Established in 2007, Flex Tutors has helped students grow their academic confidence and learn new skills through a unique matching system that pairs students with background-checked, qualified tutors who know their subjects and are passionate about learning.


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