Flex Academies Partner Spotlight: Headfirst Summer Camps

At Flex Academies, we’re all about partnership. We love to team up with other successful programs in the DC area to give our kids the best experiences possible. One partnership we’ve been partaking in over the last two years is with Headfirst Summer Camps.

About Headfirst Summer Camps

Headfirst has been hosting incredible summer camps for 25 years. Their programs combine hours of hands-on, outdoor play with specific interests, such as robotics, sports, cooking, and more, to provide campers with an unforgettable learning experience.

What We Provide

Headfirst runs from 9am until 3pm, a time that can be tricky for working families. Flex Academies takes over before the official start time and after, allowing the program to work with all types of schedules.

Our extended day schedules aren’t only a safe and secure care option for kids. They’re filled with high-quality learning opportunities that mesh with the themes of each camp session. We meet campers’ needs, too, with movement time in the mornings to prepare for the day, afterschool snacks, and exciting activities that all kids love.

Our morning and afternoon curriculum keeps Headfirst kids engaged and entertained, while allowing them to stay in a consistent, nurturing environment that’s as convenient as possible for their working parents.

What Flex Academies Can Provide For You

If you have a summer camp or school program coming up that could benefit from extended hours, our enrichment opportunities could be a perfect fit.

We can provide before and after session care, just as we do for Headfirst Summer Camps. 

Every session we provide is:

  • Tailored to your school or camp’s specific needs
  • Run by knowledgeable, well-trained, and background-checked staff members
  • Designed to promote social and emotional development, learning, and community

We take the stress of planning these care hours off your hands, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Learn more about Flex Academies’ before and after care opportunities by reaching out to our team today. We’d love to help you create the perfect extended day.

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What sort of duties do you have at work?  Supporting the Enrichment Team, supporting the Enrichment providers, planning and implementing the Enrichment programs at our partner schools, partnering with Operations to ensure smooth Enrichment programs in an environment where children can be safe, learn and have fun, hiring and training.

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