How Parents Can Help Make Online Tutoring a Success


As students spend more and more time outside of in-person learning, the COVID slide is becoming more and more real. Online tutoring is an excellent tool to help your kids catch up, and you can make sure it’s a success with the help of a few simple tips from the list below:

Create a Comfortable Space

As adults, we know how much atmosphere can affect our work ethic. We do better in our calm, quiet spaces than we do on the couch as the kids play all around us. You can expect the same type of experience for your children as they attempt to learn from the comfort of home.

Before your child’s first tutoring session begins, consider setting up a special work space. This could be where their distance learning takes place, or it could be a desk in a room that’s far away from where their siblings play. Allow your child to add a few decorations like pictures or their favorite, non-distracting toys, give them access to a few fun pens, or set them up with water and a small snack. 

If they’re comfortable and able to focus in the space they’ve got, they’re more likely to be ready to learn when their tutor pops up on the computer screen.

Stay Involved Throughout the Process

Tutors aren’t the only ones who are responsible for the child’s success — an involved parent can make a significant difference in the outcome of each lesson as well.

Make sure you continue to communicate with your child’s tutor after they’re officially hired. Check in once in a while to see how your student is doing, and ask if there’s any way you can help them out. Maybe they’ll have a skill you can practice with your child before the next session, or maybe they’ll take the time to address another issue that’s been arising during their meetups.

Ask about progress, concerns, and anything else your tutor may notice about your child’s learning. Their expertise can help you support your child throughout their education journey, too.

Find the Perfect Tutor Match

Not every tutor is going to be a good fit for your child. You want someone who is skilled in the area your student needs the most help in, someone who has experience with their specific age group, and someone who your child will look forward to meeting with lesson after lesson.

One great way to find the best tutor for your child is by using a service that takes the time to make the match for you. Imagine if your child’s next tutor was a math genius, skilled in the elementary age range, and a basketball fanatic, just like your little hoops star. 

Flex Academies is a great option with its skilled tutors and detailed matching system that’s been proven successful time and time again.

Online tutoring may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few simple steps, you can turn it into a success. Consider your child’s learning space, your personal involvement, and their perfect tutor match to help them beat this COVID slide.

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