Tutor Tips: Three Ways Parents Can Find Their Child the Perfect Tutor Match

It’s clear that online tutoring is an excellent way to help kids move forward in their educational journeys, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why is it, though, that sometimes these tutors seem like miracle workers and other times, even the most highly-rated helpers feel like just another homework session? The answer to this question almost always relates to something called the tutor match.

What is the Tutor Match?

Most tutors on the job today are highly-skilled, well-educated, and caring individuals. However, these characteristics aren’t enough to ensure they’ll work well with your child. Finding the right tutor also means finding someone who “clicks” with your learner, and someone who can help with the exact subject areas and struggles they’re facing.

The tutor match solves this dilemma. When matching students and tutors is held as a priority, higher quality learning happens. It ensures kids will look forward to spending time with their tutors, and it promises that tutors have the exact skill set that their assigned learner needs.

Three Ways to Find the Perfect Tutor Match

Now that we know the importance of the tutor match, let’s figure out how you can find the perfect fit for your young learner. Consider following the tips below when you begin your search:

Find a Common Interest

If your child is an aspiring basketball star, look for a tutor that plays on the varsity or local college team. Maybe a geometry problem will turn into a courtside question, gaining your learner’s interest in a way that’s never been done before.

Even if the questions don’t always relate back to a favorite sport, a common interest will ensure the tutor you choose is someone your child can connect with. Kids are much more likely to find that motivation for improvement when they’re working with someone they look up to in more ways than one.

Seek Out Similar Struggles

Is your child learning English as a second language? Find a tutor who not only knows English well, but has also gone through the same challenge themselves. This connection may seem subtle at first, but it’ll allow your learner to see the growth they desire right in front of their eyes. It’ll show them that anything is possible with a bit of hard work, and it’ll help them trust that their time spent with the tutor will help them get there.

Test Out a Professional Tutoring Company

Finding the perfect tutor match can be difficult, but the best tutoring companies will help you succeed. One way to ensure you’re choosing the best tutor and the best provider is by picking someone who puts a priority on the tutor matching process. If they’ve got your learner’s best interest in mind, they’ll be making these connections before you even ask.

If you’re ready to find your student the perfect fit, check out Flex Academies today. Our super tutors make students feel like superheroes in and out of the classroom, and it’s largely because we put the tutor match first.

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