5 Tips To Find The Best Online Tutor For Your Child

“Brain Drain” is a real thing for our kids, especially over the summer. This year, addressing that challenge is even more daunting. While school systems made more than valiant efforts to compensate for schools closing with online instruction this spring, what experts are calling the “COVID-19 slide” is now a concern. This means you may need to catch your child up and possibly even prepare them for more unique learning situations to come. For many families, a tutor may be the answer. But how do you find the best online tutor for your child? What should you look for when it comes to the individual needs your child has and how to best maximize their tutoring?

Joshua Chernikoff, CEO and Founder of Flex Academies, offers these tips for finding the best online tutor for your child:

1. Prioritize Safety

In this day and age, online tutoring isn’t only a convenience, it’s a necessity. But your child’s safety has to be paramount, and the best online tutor for your child will take all steps possible to ensure their safety. You want someone who will ensure safety with unique authentication codes, and you will want anyone who interacts with your child to be thoroughly screened and background checked. The best online tutoring companies will be able to prove the clearance of all their tutors in the National Sex Offender Registry and will have your child’s online safety as their number one priority. There can be no compromise when it comes to your child’s safety.

2. Make Sure The Tutor Is An Expert In That Subject

The best online tutoring companies have certified experts in just about every field your child may need, and their whole goal is to help your child soar. The best tutors have established mastery of their subjects and have a demonstrated track record of solid instruction. Whether in the classroom or tutoring session, they have experience with the subject and how it is taught. The best online tutoring companies do their homework when it comes to staffing and only hire qualified tutors.

3. Look for Tutoring That Is Flexible

The best part about online tutoring is that you are able to set up for what’s convenient for you and your child. Parents’ schedules play pivotal roles in online tutoring and success. Isn’t it the worst when you fall in love with a class for your child, only to find the scheduled time conflicts? Finding the best online tutor for your child means you find the best, certified instructors with schedules that work for you and your child.

4. Look for Tutoring Companies Who Know How to Match Tutors and Students

When it comes to helping your child achieve their educational best, you only want rock star tutors at the helm! Teachers are superheroes anyway, and you want the best of the best superpowers used for your child. The best tutors go through intensive matching processes to be sure that just the right tutor with just the right skillset is who your child is matched with. Tutoring can’t be one-size-fits-all, and the best companies know that and work to find the perfect fit for your child.

5. Look For Tutors Who Know How To Engage Your Child

No one is going to get anything out of tutoring if the tutor isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. Research confirms the best teaching comes when the student is an active and engaged learner, and that’s why it’s important to find an online tutoring company whose tutors know how to get kids excited about the subject. When that happens, you’re not only going to have better achievement and grades, but your child will develop a love of learning that will carry over into other subjects. No parent wants to hear their child dreading tutoring sessions, so be sure to research the online tutors and ask how they succeed in engaging with your child. Passion and purpose together are powerful, and that’s what you want the tutoring company you choose for your child to be all about.

When it comes to finding the best online tutoring for your child, you want to make sure you find companies that are affordable and committed to your child’s success. We want kids to find their learning superpowers as they work with our tutors. If you are ready to help your child catch up, or enrich their education, it’s more important than ever that you contact us so we can match you with the tutor who is just right for your child. We can’t wait to watch them flex their brain muscles and grow with us!

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