Flex Academies ONE Launches Super Tutors

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July 15, 2020                                                                                            (202) 891-8288

Flex Academies ONE, a leader in online enrichment, has announced its launch of Super Tutors.

“There has always been a demand for tutoring from our families,” said Seth Tendler, Director of Tutoring. “We promote creativity with our online enrichment at Flex Academies ONE, but many parents have been asking for help with the basics for their kids – reading, writing and math – and Super Tutors will address that need.”

The company’s diverse team of tutors is made up of certified teachers and experts within their fields. Tendler says that Super Tutors can match a student with an expert in any subject. If there isn’t an expert on staff, Tendler can tap into his vast network of educators to find one. He has over 25 years of experience in education as a tutor, coach and teacher for over 10 years in the D.C. public school system.

He says that the company’s “superpower” is connecting the student with the right tutor, an instructor who is knowledgeable, relatable, and excited about learning.

Tendler says parents are concerned about their kids’ social and emotional learning in new, online platforms. He understands that this has been a traumatic time for many kids who are feeling “agitated” because they are away from their friends, and learning in a new environment.

“Social and emotional learning will definitely factor into our instruction. Our Super Tutors will help students acclimate to new online learning methods and models, and build their confidence, as well as helping them learn content and improve skills,” says Tendler.

Super Tutors will offer both one-on-one and group tutoring for students in PreK3 through 8th Grade. Tendler says that families can even combine their kids for group sessions.

With many parents concerned about “brain drain” – when kids forget what they’ve learned all school year over the summer – Tendler says he is getting lots of inquiries.

“With learning time lost due to the virus this Spring, ‘brain drain’ is going to be an especially severe problem,” Tendler said. “We don’t want kids to go back to school anxious and scared, we want to empower them by having them feel prepared and ready. We want our kids to be education heroes.”

For more information about Super Tutors, visit their website: https://www.flexone.live/tutors 

About Flex Academies, Flex Academies ONE and Super Tutors

Flex Academies is a rapidly growing, first-in-kind, premier enrichment, before and after school care and vacation camp provider. The company aggregates, manages, and provides enrichment programming, after school care, and camps for elementary and middle school students, easing the burden on PTAs and preventing “volunteer burnout,” all while making safety its Number One Priority. Flex Academies currently serves more than 80 schools in six states. Since its founding in 2011, more than 250,000 students’ lives have been enriched by Flex Academies.

The company’s strong brand was the foundation for the newly launched Flex Academies ONE, where the “ONE” stands for Online Enrichment. As schools have closed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Flex Academies ONE brings the same safe, social, high-quality enrichment that families have come to know and trust into their homes, courtesy of the internet. To learn more about Flex Academies ONE, visit their website at https://www.flexone.live.  

Super Tutors is the newest member of the Flex family. It offers online one-on-one and group tutoring in a wide variety of subjects by tutors who are experts in their fields. Students are matched with tutors who are knowledgeable, relatable and engaging. For more information, go to the Super Tutors site: https://www.flexone.live/tutors

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