New Security Enhancements at Flex Academies ONE

As you are aware, safety is priority ONE at Flex Academies ONE. We are always looking for ways to make the online enrichment experience the best it can be for our kids and our staff.

This week, Zoom, the platform we use to host our online enrichment, announced an upgrade to its security. On May 30th, Zoom will enable enhanced encryption that will provide another layer of security for its users.

Among the other features of Zoom 5.0 will be a requirement for longer passwords (6 or more characters) and a new way for hosts to report someone who is misusing the platform. You can read more about the updates on Zoom’s blog.

Along with the Flex Academies online coordinator, who is present at every session to supervise and to address technical issues, the new Zoom technology will offer yet another layer of safety for kids as they enjoy learning online.

After May 30th, families will receive a forced update from Zoom that will need to be completed before joining new sessions, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for that.

We’re confident this upgrade will make your child’s fun, online learning experience the safest it can be.

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