Five Tips for Parents Looking for Online Enrichment for Their Kids

There are plenty of ways to keep your kids occupied online, but if you’re looking for active, not passive, engagement, consider enrolling your child in online enrichment. How do you know that you’re choosing the right online enrichment? When you’re looking for online enrichment, here are some tips to guide you.

Your child’s online enrichment should be:

1. Safe

You want to know who your kids are online with, and that no one gets access to an online session who shouldn’t. Flex Academies ONE background-checks and prescreens all its online instructors. In addition to the instructor, there is an online coordinator in each session to make sure that only authorized individuals, those with the proper access codes, are allowed to enter. Your child’s safety is the first priority at Flex Academies ONE.

2. Social

With schools closed and quarantine measures in place, kids miss their friends and interaction with others. Flex Academies ONE online enrichment is social. Your child can see others, including friends and family in other cities, laughing and learning right along with her. The experience provides a social connection at a time when kids need it most.

3. Scheduled

When you sign your child up for a session at Flex Academies ONE, you know exactly what day and time that session will take place. It’s a live learning experience. With all our schedules upended due to the pandemic, a scheduled enrichment session provides a sense of normalcy in a less-than-normal world. Your child will look forward to his session on that day and time.

 4. Fun

Some online activity providers offer a few areas of interest, but Flex Academies ONE currently offers more than 40 different subjects to explore! With subjects like cooking, yoga, zoology, Spanish, piano and many more, there’s bound to be an area of interest for your child. And the learning is active, not passive. Kids participate in their sessions: They dance, move, cook, act, sing and contribute to the experience. It’s designed to be fun and engaging!

5. An Experience that Instills a Love of Learning

Make sure that your online instructor is an expert in that field, and just as importantly, is passionate about it. At Flex Academies ONE, our enrichment instructors know their subjects very well and aim to instill a love in learning for it in the children they work with. They’re excited about teaching and learning, and that enthusiasm shows in their sessions. Your child may develop a new-found interest in dance, science or another field she hadn’t explored until now. Who knows, you may be the parent of a rising star!

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