Flex Academies Launches Online Enrichment to Meet the Needs of Families in Challenging Times

Flex Academies Launches Online Enrichment to Meet the Needs of Families

in Challenging Times


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April 2, 2020                                                                                         (202) 891-8288

Nationally recognized leader in before and afterschool enrichment Flex Academies announced it has launched its new online service, Flex Academies ONE. The ONE stands for “online enrichment.”

Flex Academies Founder and CEO Joshua Chernikoff said he is “very pleased” with the public response to this new offering.

He said, “We recognize that parents are trying to keep kids engaged in learning during these challenging times, and Flex Academies ONE is the right thing to do for so many people, at the right time.”

Chernikoff noted that in addition to families looking for enrichment learning options in these challenging times, instructors who partner with Flex Academies expressed a desire to keep doing their work as well.

“The rock star instructors at places like Fine Arts Matters, Spark Business Academy, Encore Stage and Studio and so many more are passionate about what they do, and we wanted to continue to give them a platform to work with students,” said Chernikoff. “So Flex Academies ONE helps parents, students and enrichment providers at the same time.”

Flex Academies ONE offers students the opportunity to enroll in online classes. Students can choose from subjects as diverse as soccer, Spanish, coding, chess, art and hip-hop dancing, to name a few. Students log on at scheduled times and are greeted by an Online Coordinator, who is available to answer questions and make sure that each session goes smoothly.  Classes are taught by certified Flex Academies enrichment providers who have been background-checked and screened.  

“Of course, our kids and their parents would rather be looking forward to spring with schools in session,” said Chernikoff. “But in an imperfect world, Flex Academies ONE will offer students a way to keep engaged and learning in a fun, safe, atmosphere.”

With millions of school children now relying on online platforms for school, the FBI is warning parents that Internet predators are taking advantage of the situation. At Flex Academies ONE, the key to online safety is the Online Coordinator (OLC), who is constantly monitoring the session and preventing any unauthorized individuals from entering. The OLC not only makes sure the student’s name is on the roster, but students must log in visually to confirm their identity.

“Sure, there are other online options, but why take the chance when your child can enjoy learning with Flex Academies ONE?” said Chernikoff. “We have a proven track record in safety. In these challenging times, we provide the peace of mind and quality enrichment that parents are looking for.”

To learn more about the Flex Academies ONE and to sign up for sessions, visit the new website: https://www.flexone.live/

About Flex Academies

Flex Academies is a rapidly growing, first-in-kind, premier enrichment, before and after-school care and vacation camp provider. The company aggregates, manages, and provides enrichment programming, afterschool care, and camps for elementary and middle school students, easing the burden on PTAs and preventing “volunteer burnout,” all while making safety its Number One Priority. Flex Academies currently serves more than 80 schools in six states. Since its founding in 2011, more than 250,000 students’ lives have been enriched by Flex Academies. The company has built a strong brand, as evidenced in part by a client retention rate of 96%. For more information, visit the Flex Academies website. For more information about Flex Academies ONE for online enrichment, visit the Flex Academies ONE site.

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