Why Online Socialization is So Important for Kids During the COVID-19 Quarantine

One of the major concerns parents have is that with their children being out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic they’ll lack both the structured educational and social outlets they normally have built into their everyday lives. 

The good news is thanks to advances made in digital technology, young students are still able to get both the educational and social outlets they need to continue their growth and to stay mentally and emotionally healthy while schools are closed. With Flex Academies ONE, we are able to give students the opportunity to take enrichment classes together, just like they’re used to. It may not be the same as being there in person with their friends, but it’s certainly better than getting no structured enrichment time at all.

Flex Academies ONE: offering remote educational and social opportunities

Numerous scientific studies have shown just how important it is for children to have plentiful opportunities for socialization. A lack of socialization can result in negative impacts on brain development. Younger children in particular get a better grasp on language, teamwork, sharing and respect when provided with regular opportunities for socialization.

The biggest benefit of ONE is that kids have this opportunity to socialize in a structured, supervised environment, while also still taking part in productive activities. They’re not just hanging out on a video conference together–they’re still working together on professionally designed activities under the supervision of an experienced, qualified instructor.

Depending on the program, children might learn a new skill, explore a particular interest or improve their understanding of a specific school subject area, and they still get to do so with their friends and peers, even with school being closed and them being required to stay at home.

This is why we launched Flex Academies ONE. With kids being at home for the foreseeable future, they’re going to be missing out on a lot of opportunities to interact with others. While parents can still help their children set up virtual video hangouts with their friends, or allow them to have unstructured time to play online games together, it’s also important to still have supervised and structured learning and activity time in a social environment, which is what our program offers.

Children thrive on structure, and having scheduled time for both socialization and learning through our online enrichment activities will help them maintain the social skills they’ve developed at school during this extended period of time away from the classroom.

For more information about the Flex Academies ONE program and how it benefits students, contact us today.

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