News Alert: Unique Afterschool Programs Showcase Flexibility of Afterschool Enrichment

Examples of unique afterschool programs you could bring to your school


  • One west coast company, Trackers Earth, has afterschool programming that focuses on developing wilderness skills and skills that connect people to nature. A particularly unique offering is blacksmithing, in which kids from grades five to 10 can learn this centuries-old trade for a modern society.

  • Legos aren’t just toys—they’re also outstanding learning tools. There are a number of examples of afterschool programs that use them as tools for math, architecture, design and more. You can even find Lego robotics classes that give kids a solid base in robotics, engineering and coding, all using Lego bricks.

  • BUILD, founded in 1999 for entrepreneurs in the Palo Alto area, has expanded to offer afterschool programs that incubate youth-led startups. BUILD offers in-school electives for high school freshmen that allow them to create a startup then continue on with it as an afterschool program until they graduate. It’s a great way to teach kids entrepreneurial skills that can come in handy after their high school days are over.


These are just a few examples of many unique and creative afterschool programs that exist. Flex Academies is pleased to partner with some incredible vendors that offer programming in just about any field you can think of—science, math, art, music, sports, engineering and so much more. 

That’s one of the great things about afterschool enrichment. You can build the program the way you want by having offerings you think your students will enjoy and benefit from.

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