Your Child’s Safety is Our Top Priority at Flex Academies

One of our greatest sources of pride at Flex Academies is the quality and diversity of the afterschool programming we offer to our students. We have a broad range of fun, exciting activities that get students excited about learning and growing. Whether it’s a pottery course or a Lego Robotics class, the common elements across all of these courses are that they’re fun and educational.

Of course, the quality and excitement of our afterschool activities would mean far less if we did not firmly commit ourselves to providing safe, secure environments for all students who participate in our programs. We’ve partnered with hundreds of certified vendors and dozens of schools with our programs, so parents can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge necessary to create fun, educational after school programs, in safe environments. In fact, over 15,000 students enjoy safe, after school programming the Flex Academies way!

What makes Flex Academies a safe place to learn and grow?

Here are a few of the ways we make sure all of our afterschool programs are safe and secure learning environments for your kids:

Background checks

Every  staff member who teaches a class at a Flex Academies school is required to undergo a background check conducted by our activity vendors. These professional background checks review a potential employee’s Social Security number, address and criminal record (local and national) and check the sex offender registry.

Coordination with school staff

Flex Academies works closely with the school’s staff to communicate the status of individual students and the school environment as a whole. This means if a student is absent, buses are running off schedule or there’s a different event we need to plan around at the school, we have open lines of communication that make it easier to pass along all this information quickly.

On-site coordinator assignment

Flex Academies provides an on-site coordinator for all of its schools, a professional who is physically there to immediately address any types of issues that arise during Flex programs. These coordinators have been trained to be the main point of contact for parents and school staff  for any concerns regarding students, vendors or other issues.

On-site coordinators monitor attendance of all students. The coordinators follow  thorough  processes they go through to check students in and out. The coordinators have a full roster of students who take part in each activity, and missing students are cross-checked with the school staff for their absence, with the parent being contacted if necessary.

Each vendor is also expected to arrive at the school  at least 10 minutes before class time. Coordinators ensure that the vendors are checked in and out daily,  and act as the “quality control” staff for these programs. All vendors understand their continued participation in Flex programs is based on this quality and their ability to work well with our on-site coordinator.

We want all of the students in our afterschool programs to be able to enjoy their activities in a safe, comfortable environment, and we’ve managed to create exactly that through all of these ways. Want to know more about our afterschool programs? Please feel free to contact Matt Hale at matt@flexacademies.com or call 703-973-3522 to learn about how we can design a safe and fun enrichment program for your school.

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