As a longtime partner with school districts and PTAs, we know how important fundraising is for the school community. Essential educational activities are possible because parent groups raise the necessary funds. All kids benefit in the form of opportunities to learn, excel and grow, because of the hard work and dedication of PTA volunteers and officers.

We know how complicated an endeavor fundraising can be. From getting the word out to coordinating with suppliers and vendors to getting enough hands on deck to staff fundraising events, putting on these types of affairs is no small feat.  But fear not!  Flex Academies has the infrastructure, email programs and community connections to be the ultimate PTA fundraising partner.

Here are four ways Flex Academies can be an essential partner in your fundraising efforts.

Allocate A Portion of Enrichment Tuition

When you use Flex Academies to provide students with excellent after school enrichment opportunities, you can choose to add a portion of the price to parents which can become a PTA fundraiser. In other words, perhaps $5 or $10 from the pottery class fee or LEGO program fee could go to help the PTA. Parents would know that the school community is being supported and their child is getting a great educational opportunity. It is a win-win.

Take Advantage Of Our Relationships

We can be of service to our PTA partners in many ways, from marketing to event planning and vendor relationships. Our relationships with vendors are valuable, because we can work with them to plan events and even facilitate conversations between PTA event planners and the wonderful vendors we work with.

From pottery and art studios to yoga teachers and cooking schools, our roster of vendors could hold the key to your next great PTA fundraising event.

Brainstorm With Us

Flex Academies has such vast experience in the educational world, we can be a sounding board for ideas and a partner in pulling off these events in your community.

For the parents, what about a casino night at the local high school? Bring the kids and have high school students provide babysitting services, while Mom and Dad can have fun and help raise much needed cash for the new lacrosse field. While there are legal issues to work out, it is possible to run a casino night in an appropriate and safe manner in most places.

Beyond a Vegas Night, the possibilities are boundless: Date night in your town, with the local art studio hosting kids for a fun workshop; a pottery party at the studio down the street from the elementary school; a family yoga class with instructors from the community that teaches mindfulness, showcases potential partners for after school yoga programs and fills the PTA coffers.

Let Us Help Get The Word Out

Email is half the battle when it comes to fundraising. In order to get people to come to your event, you need to let them know about it. Flex Academies has the relevant email addresses in your community and the infrastructure to contact the list in an efficient and marketable manner. We also have the vendor relationships that can help put on great events.

What are some great fundraising events that your PTA has held in your district? What are the fundraising ideas that you have been mulling over and have always wanted to take on? Contact us here at Flex Academiesand we can brainstorm together about how we can help and how we can bring great after school programs to the students in your community.

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