Flex Academies to Launch Afterschool Enrichment Program in Saddle River School District

Flex Academies to Launch Afterschool Enrichment Program in Saddle River School District 

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November 1, 2019                                                                Phone: 203.408.3900 

Flex Academies, a leader in before and afterschool enrichment programming, has announced it will launch a new afterschool enrichment program at the Wandell School and Saddle River School District in Saddle River, New Jersey.

“The PTA had run afterschool enrichment, but for volunteers, it’s a daunting task,” said Flex Academies Founder and CEO Joshua Chernikoff.

Flex Academies met with the Saddle River School District to talk about ways that they could partner to manage their enrichment program safely and effectively.

Dr. Gina Cinotti, superintendent of the district and principal said, “Safety is our number one concern, and we saw that Flex Academies has an excellent track record in that regard.”

“Safe, high-quality enrichment is what Flex Academies is all about,” said Chernikoff. “We offer enrichment activities that are fun and keep students happy and learning, long after dismissal time. And we help PTAs deal with the issue of ‘volunteer burnout,’ which is common among busy parents who are running afterschool programs.”

Flex Academies handles all aspects of enrichment programs, as well as before and afterschool care, by streamlining registration, screening enrichment providers, even stationing a Flex Academies onsite coordinator at the school, every school day, to make sure students are where they need to be. The program will be coordinated by Wandell School Vice Principal Glenn Stokes. 

“As a parent, my child’s safety is my most important concern,” said Chernikoff. “At Flex Academies, we relieve parents of that worry while removing the burden of program management off their shoulders as well. We look forward to a great partnership with Saddle River, and we’re happy to help.”

About Flex Academies

Flex Academies is a rapidly growing, first-in-kind, premier enrichment, before and after school care and vacation camp provider. The company aggregates, manages, and provides enrichment programming, before and after school care, and camps for elementary and middle school students, easing the burden on PTAs and preventing “volunteer burnout,” all while making safety its Number One Priority. Flex Academies currently serves more than 80 schools in six states. Since its founding in 2011, more than 250,000 students’ lives have been enriched by Flex Academies. The company has built a strong brand, as evidenced in part by a client retention rate of 96%. For more information, visit the Flex Academies website.


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