“Flexing” Our New Muscles

As you know, at Flex Academies, we’ve made our name in afterschool enrichment. We generally bring in subject matter experts to teach our enrichment classes. That is what we have been specializing in since I started the company a decade ago. 

Last year, in speaking with our PTA partners, we found there was a need for parents to be able to get affordable, yet high-quality before and aftercare for their kids. Flex Academies, known for excellence in the world of afterschool activities, is able to provide a quality program at a lower cost. As a father myself of a daughter in DCPS, it’s important for me to offer a program that I’d feel comfortable sending my daughter to, and I can confidently say that that’s what we’ve developed.

Our new before and aftercare programs aren’t quite as focused or intense—they’re more about socialization with other children, and support than about developing a skill or knowledge in a specific area. While students who participate in our before and aftercare programs will certainly see benefits in the classroom and in certain skills, the point is to provide kids with a friendly, positive, supervised environment in the hours before or after school.

I’m looking forward to a great year of before care, after care, and enrichment with your family! Thank you for your interest and support.


Flex Academies

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