Flex Academies Cited as One of Montgomery County’s Top Afterschool Program Managers

Flex Academies Cited as One of Montgomery County’s Top Afterschool Program Managers

MCPS Report Examines Demographic Factors and Availability of Afterschool Programming

April 04, 2019                                                                             Contact: Joshua Chernikoff

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The Office of Legislative Oversight has issued its 2019 report, titled “Afterschool Bookings at MCPS Elementary Schools.” In the report, Flex Academies was cited as one of the county’s “Top 10 Providers with Most Afterschool Bookings” in 2017-18.

Flex Academies was also highlighted in the “MCPS School Spotlight” section of the report that details the partnership between Flex and Bells Mill Elementary. The report states, “Flex Academies’ program coordinator at Bells Mill has a strong relationship with the school’s principal, staff, and PTA and ensures that the programs fit the school’s schedule and address students’ and parents’ needs.”

The report also indicates, “Schools that have Flex Academies report that this has lifted the burden of being responsible for the afterschool programming.”

“We’re proud of all the work we do across six states, but especially here in Montgomery County,” said Flex Academies Founder and CEO Joshua Chernikoff. “Montgomery County is my home, and where we started. Our families know and trust us.”

The MCPS report compared the availability of afterschool programming among the county’s elementary schools based on the percentages of students in each school receiving Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FARMs) and other school data. The report also identified “practices associated with robust afterschool programming.” The report concludes that schools with higher percentages of students receiving FARMs and higher rates of student mobility tend to have fewer afterschool programming options.

Chernikoff said, “This is a challenge that Flex Academies is keenly aware of. Studies confirm that enrichment programs improve student outcomes and narrow the achievement gap, yet there are barriers to enrichment opportunities for all students. At Flex, we are working on ways to remove those barriers, through our scholarship initiatives and others we’re currently discussing.”

About Flex Academies

Flex Academies is a rapidly growing, first-in-kind, premier enrichment provider. The Company aggregates, manages, and provides enrichment programming to elementary and middle school students, easing the burden on PTAs and preventing “volunteer burnout.” They serve 75 schools in six states (including Washington, D.C.; from Virginia to Connecticut) and have more than 21,000 students enrolled in programs fulfilled by about 200 local enrichment providers who have been vetted by Flex Academies through screens and background checks. The Company has built a very strong local brand, as evidenced in part by a client retention rate of 96%.

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