Flex Academies Sponsoring Fun Run at Carderock Springs

Flex Academies + Your PTA = Successful School Events!

Flex Academies is an enthusiastic and proud sponsor of the Carderock Springs Elementary 2nd Annual Fun Run to be held on March 30, 2019!

We’re teaming up with the Carderock PTA to support this ONE MILE Fun Run that winds through the beautiful surrounding neighborhood of the Carderock Springs Elementary School—a 450-student elementary school in Maryland. The proceeds from the Fun Run will benefit both the Children’s Inn at NIH and the Carderock Springs PTA for programming for the students at Carderock Springs ES.

When it comes to offering support for school events, Flex Academies is 100% on board! So why not reach out and let us know how we can help your school, too? Whether it’s sponsoring an event like this school-wide Fun Run, donating silent auction certificates, hosting a booth at a school fair, or simply promoting your event to our 300+ providers, we are excited to partner with your PTA to your event succeed, thrive, and flourish!

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