Combating Volunteer Burnout with Flex Academies

In school districts across the country, parent volunteers are the life force for afterschool programs. These volunteers donate the time and resources that make these programs successful.

Because volunteers are vital to the success of PTAs and their fundraising, it’s important for districts to do everything they can to keep these volunteers happy and energized. Otherwise, districts can face the all-too-common problem of volunteer burnout, resulting in major volunteer turnover.

We’ve all worked those parents who “do it all,” in spite of managing households, families and careers. It’s no wonder that they burn out when managing after school programs! Managing an afterschool program is a full-time job, and it requires people who are able to fully dedicate their time and resources to it.

Why not leave that full-time job to an expert like Flex Academies? We work with more than 65 schools and 15,000 students, so we know how to take the burden off volunteers’ shoulders. Our work frees up parent volunteers to focus on other important needs in schools, preventing them from getting burned out while also providing an outstanding level of quality in afterschool programs.

Why partnering is the best option

Large schools, for example, face a unique set of challenges: They typically offer many programs that have large staffing needs. This makes it difficult to rely on parent volunteers that already devote their time to other school events and programs.

We’ve heard from school administrators who are constantly relying on the same volunteers, only to have huge shoes to fill when those parents move on or quit. This could be devastating to a large afterschool program. Flex Academies offers an on-site coordinator to all of its schools to ensure the afterschool program runs as smoothly as possible. This coordinator is in charge of screening all program vendors, handling parent registration and handling all logistics associated with the program every day.

In addition, enrichment programs run by individual schools often do not have the same type of variety of activities that a partner service like Flex Academies can offer. Ultimately, volunteer parents do not have the same type of training or expertise in as many fields as dedicated program instructors. When you work with Flex Academies, your school has access to a wide variety of high-quality vendors and unique, fun, learning activities. Whether your school is large, medium-sized, or small, working with the Flex Academies team to manage your afterschool program has both short- and long-term benefits.

Contact us to get started!

You can have a high-quality afterschool program while also reducing volunteer burnout! Flex Academies offers safe, high-quality afterschool programs that run smoothly without the need for intensive parent involvement.

Ready to learn how working with our team can help you boost volunteer morale and make your program the best it can be?  Contact us today at Flex Academies!

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