The Positive Power of Sports

Sportsmanship helps children develop important 21st-century skills and emphasize the lifelong benefit of these key virtues:

  • Leadership – Playing sports provides a variety of opportunities to practice leadership skills, building both self-awareness and confidence.
  • Win or Lose Mentality – It is natural to associate winning with success and losing with failure but being part of a team helps kids learn how to overcome challenges and grow from every experience—in victory and defeat.
  • The Value of Teamwork – Teammates learn how to cheer for each other and work hard to support one another. Working well with others is a skill that kids can carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.
  • Learning from Mistakes – Just as in mastering a new subject in school, it’s mistakes that show us where we have the most opportunity to learn and grow! Students who engage in recreational sports quickly learn that making mistakes is the best way to identify their weaknesses and turn them into strengths through practice.
  • Building Character – Being in a sports environment teaches students how to play and work with integrity and honor, which builds strong character that lasts a lifetime.

Article Contributed By:
Corbin’s Crusaders

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