The Many Life-Long Skills Learned in Karate

Karate is a Japanese form of martial arts that uses hands and feet for self defense. There are many benefits to karate to include:

  • A safe place to release energy
  • An opportunity to achieve through the belt system
  • Enhanced physical fitness and flexibility
  • Enhanced mental acuity
  • Improved discipline, which is helpful at home and in school
  • Improved resilience, which will help students in various endeavors
  • Self-defense skills

Children come to us with so much energy that needs to get released. A karate program offers a child the opportunity to release this energy in a safe place and have a lot of fun in the process. We include various games, such as dodge ball in our children’s karate program. Our instructors are tasked to teach children all of the kicks and blocks while keeping kids entertained.

Karate can also provide many life-long skills to a child, such as improved focused and resilience. In class, we help children train their mind to engage in purposeful motion through the forms and kicking combinations. We also help children gain confidence as they progress through the belt system. Children and adults may feel a bit inadequate when they start, but then as they obtain new belts, they gain the confidence of achievement. In time, with persistence children and adults start to perceive themselves as martial artists. Becoming a martial artists will enhance a student’s belief in their physical ability. The ultimate achievement is obtaining the black belt, which validates a student as a martial artist.

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