1. Name (first, last, nickname)?
    Susan Nye
  2. Where were you born?
    Easton, PA
  3. How long have you been an OSC?
    I’ve been with Flex Academies since 2015.
  4. Tell us about your role as the OSC at your school?
    As an On-Site Coordinator (OSC), I see my role as the liaison between the school administration and school staff I come in contact with, the enrichment teachers hired by Flex Academies, and the parents and caregivers who pick up the children after classes. It’s my role to see that those connections run smoothly and the children are always safe and accounted for.
  5. What made you want to be an OSC?
    I came to the position as an OSC when a friend teaching elementary school in a Flex Academies school asked me if I thought I knew anyone or would have an interest in helping with an afternoon enrichment program. It interested me as something a little different and, as a teacher/director of young children, I decided to pursue it. I’m really glad I did.
  6. Tell us one moment as an OSC where you saw after-school enrichment at its best?
    There are lots of moments I’ve seen Flex Academies after school enrichment at its best! One example was watching the after-school program “Hip Hop,” a popular and large class, give their end of session performance for parents and siblings. It was loosely practiced with little pressure, just fun! I’ve seen enrichment instructors really work with kids to encourage them not to be frustrated in challenging activities, and I’ve seen kids gain confidence with what they do.
  7. You just won OSC of the year by your peers/supervisors/teens/parents; why?
    I love the schools and have met great people. I’ve been with several Flex Academies schools, and whether returning to a familiar school or entering a new one, the staff members at every school have been very welcoming. I make an effort to communicate with the office staff and look after teacher’s classrooms, leaving them as they should be. I’ve come to know the extended day staff at each school and again, they are a vital part of the every program.
  8. What do you like about working with kids?
    I love working with young children, the relationships they have with adults is so important, and there are many amazing ways to learn. What children can experience before and after the typical instructional part of the school day is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other children and adults they don’t spend their entire day in class with, and the programs Flex Academies offers are very stimulating.
  9. What was your favorite after-school enrichment activity as a kid?
    In my youth I liked outdoor activities – swimming, but also writing.
  10. Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
    Open-minded, funny, busy, and punctual.
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