After School Programs Boost Student Performance

Dear Valued Readers,

I’m sure it’s no secret to you that effectively-run before- and after-school programs offer students unique opportunities to develop talents and explore interests in areas that are largely untapped during school-time hours. But, did you know that involvement in such activities can have a positive benefit to students’ daily school experience as well? That’s right—studies have shown that participation in strong enrichment programs can lead to improved attendance, which can positively impact a child’s academic confidence and overall school performance. (Chang, H. N., 2013).

Perhaps more importantly, students who are invested in quality after school programs can maximize their learning potential by spending additional and focused time cultivating a specific skill or building on a key area of interest to them (Baker, E. 2013). Simply put, students are more engaged and motivated to learn when they are encouraged to explore activities and develop skills in subject matter that interests them most!

And, in our Fall 2018 newsletter, Flex Academies features some amazing enrichment partner providers, including Victory Karate and Coder Kids, whose programs offer just the spark your child may need to ignite his or her passion and love of learning. Whether it’s mastering kickboxing combinations, practicing a slam dunk, or learning to code in a new computer language, the opportunities we offer in partnership with our high-quality vendors allow students to choose classes that get them the most excited about their own learning. Also, in this issue of our newsletter, you will find our deals section offered by our enrichment providers and just for our Flex Academies families.

We hope your children are enjoying the fall semester and are looking forward to our before- and after-school programs for winter and spring sessions. I know from seeing this in my own daughter—once those “enrichment” wheels are in motion, there’s just no stopping young people from developing their potential, investing in their future, and growing as lifelong learners! As always, if we can help make your experience even better, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Joshua Chernikoff
CEO and Founder, Flex Academies

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