What Is Flex Academies Doing for Your School?

Now that your school’s enrichment program is up and running, you may be wondering, “How is Flex Academies continuing to work for our school?”

One of the many advantages of partnering with Flex Academies is the depth and breadth of services we provide above and beyond the competition!

  • Background Checks: We understand that the safety and security of your children is top priority for parents—and it’s paramount to us, too! That’s why we run thorough background screenings on all of our instructors. With Flex Academies, you can rest easy that your kids are in the care of competent, trusted adults at all times.


  • Room reservations: Who has time for all that computer and paperwork? We do! We make it our business to know the ins and outs of room reservation timing and procedures…so you don’t have to.


  • Money Management and Registration Support: Tracking sign-ups, processing payments, and handling all parent inquiries, and transfer or refund requests can feel like a full-time job to parent volunteers…because it is! Flex Academies is happy to lighten your burden by taking charge of all of this…and more!


  • Trained On-Site Coordinators at Every School: Flex Academies eliminates the need for PTAs to rely on a rotating schedule of overextended parent volunteers to man the daily operations of your program. What’s more, we make sure all our OSCs have up-to-date CPR training, Recognizing Child Abuse and Molestation training, First Aid training, HEADS UP Concussion training.


  • Constant Communication and Check-Ins: We value our partnership with school communities, and we pride ourselves on our proactive approach in taking time to check in with PTA representatives and our vendors to solicit helpful and productive feedback to make before- and after-school programs the best they can be. If adjustments are needed, we are right there to assist—every step of the way!


  • Class Scheduling and Coordination: Even as current session courses are underway, we’re busy analyzing registration response, gathering valuable input from PTA representatives, and connecting with an array of quality vendors to design and create an ideal schedule of classes for the next session.


Our team at Flex Academies is energized about the school year ahead and loves helping to support school communities and PTAs in their goal of providing quality before- and after-school enrichment programs for students.

Interested in learning more about what Flex Academies can do for your school? Please contact us at info@flexacademies.com and let us show you how we can work for you!


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