Invite Flex Academies To Your PTA Meeting!

At Flex Academies, we love what we do and we’re proud of how we are able to connect students to amazing classes and programs in your community—right at your school. And what better way to share our enthusiasm for our partnership with you than by attending one of your PTA meetings…in person!

We’d LOVE to come to your upcoming PTA meeting and talk to parents about the benefits of partnering with Flex Academies, including:

  • Eliminating Volunteer Burnout: Let us share with your membership how partnering with Flex Academies leaves the management details to us and allows PTA volunteers to commit their valuable time and enthusiasm to other important endeavors that benefit your school community.


  • Offering Quality Classes with Top-Notch Instructors: Not only do we partner with a wide variety of vendors with their own professional instructors or coaches, but we also have instructor positions available to teachers at your school!


  • Providing Fully-Insured On-Site Coordinators: Flex Academies handles all the day-to-day operations by providing each of our schools with quality on-site coordinators with the following training:
    • Safe and Meticulous Check-in/Check-out Routines
    • CPR Certification
    • FIrst Aid/Epi Pen Certification
    • Heads Up! Concussion Certification
    • Abuse and Molestation Certification
    • Proof of Clear Background Check


  • Setting Up Scholarship Funding: Our programs are amazing…and we don’t want any child to miss out! We’ll work with your PTA to reserve space in our classes to meet the needs of your community.


Really, we just can’t wait to share the excitement of Flex Academies with your PTA. We might even bring along our “official mascot,” 3.5 year-old Camilla Chernikoff (pictured here), daughter of our founder, Josh Chernikoff, to share her enthusiasm for Flex Academies as well.

Contact us about coming to your next PTA meeting and we’ll make it happen!

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