Safety Message from the Flex Academies Founder

Dear Flex Academies Families:

As the CEO of Flex Academies, who is also a parent, I want to reassure that our primary focus has always been the safety of our children. In light of the tragedy in Parkland, FL, we have taken an even closer look at our policies and procedures.

Working with Our Partner Schools
Our schools are currently reviewing and updating their emergency preparedness protocols. We will adhere to the protocols developed by the schools, and will also have our own preparedness protocols that we will be putting in place.

Flex Academies Focus on Safety
Currently, all of our instructors and the companies they work for, provide Flex Academies with proof of background checks and the localities security clearances as required. Flex Academies will also be requiring that all instructors wear a brightly colored “Official Enrichment Provider” lanyard and badge designed by Flex Academies, which will be distributed daily by the On-Site Coordinator for that school. The lanyard and badge will make our instructors easily identifiable. This “badging” system will be an extra initial measure, in addition to the security procedures followed by the school.

Flex Academies is also forming a first of its kind nationwide enrichment activities emergency preparedness board, composed of administration, members of the community, and other enrichment activity providers in each locality it serves. The purpose of this board is to ensure that enrichment before school, after school, and over the summer, whether under Flex Academies or otherwise, is as secured and prepared as during the school day.

We are committed to provide safe, high quality enrichment programs. If you have any questions or comments about our protocols, please feel free to contact me.

Joshua Chernikoff
Flex Academies
Trusted Afterschool Management

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