Flex Academies Can Boost Your PTA Fundraising

Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) all over the United States are always looking for new, innovative ways to raise money for their schools. From bake sales to major school events, these money-raising techniques continue to be studied and perfected by PTAs in every community.

But even the strongest PTAs have fundraising limitations. After all, PTAs are composed entirely of parent volunteers, who only have so much time and energy to donate to fundraising.

Some PTAs choose to use their afterschool enrichment programs as fundraising vehicles. When properly managed, these programs can be reliable sources of revenue for schools.

This means Flex Academies, as a trusted provider of afterschool enrichment programs, is a great choice  to help PTAs improve their fundraising efforts. We make PTA fundraising easy for you: We simply collect a small additional  PTA fee added to the tuition rates we charge to parents for participating in the program, and then give those added fees right back to the PTA.

For example, if our standard price for a class is $100, we charge $105 and give the extra $5 to the PTA as a fundraiser. So, all enrollments in Flex afterschool programs guarantee some money coming back to the PTA, without any extra effort on the PTA’s part.

How else can Flex Academies help with PTA fundraising?

While allocating a portion of  program tuition is the most common way we help PTAs raise the funds they need, we are also happy to help you with other kinds of fundraising.

  • Flex Academies has established  relationships with a wide variety of educational program vendors. How can these relationships benefit your PTA?  They enable Flex Academies to work with vendors to plan events or facilitate direct conversations with your PTA’s event or auction planners. Just this year we have connected countless partner schools with our network enrichment providers to have them donate free camp sessions, birthday parties and other goodies to be auctioned off by PTAs.  
  • Our vast experience in the world of education can also benefit your  PTA. We currently work with 65 schools in several states. You can use us as a sounding board or bring us into your brainstorming sessions and benefit from our experiences. We can tell you what we have seen work (and not work) in schools similar to yours. Think of Flex Academies as your PTA’s programming consultant! The possibilities are endless from auctions, to dances, to fun runs – we can go far together.
  • Flex Academies is highly skilled at publicizing fundraising events. We have all the relevant email addresses in your community to help you get the word out, so we can build a high-quality, marketable, digital newsletter and get it into the right inboxes efficiently. This is another area where you benefit from our vendor relationships as well—we are able to use them to help spread the news about your fundraiser.

Let Flex Academies be your PTA’s fundraising partner! Contact us today for more information about how we can help.

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