Flex Academies Featured in a Video Produced by Master Your Card, a Community Empowerment Program Sponsored by Mastercard

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Flex Academies was recently featured in an online video produced by Master Your Card, a community empowerment program sponsored by Mastercard. Master Your Card helps consumers, small businesses and governments get more from their money by using prepaid, debit and credit cards to their advantage. Click here to watch the entire video.

In the video, Joshua Chernikoff, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flex Academies, explains the evolution of his business, and how accepting electronic payments helped to transform his business.

“We are thrilled that Master Your Card has chosen Flex Academies to illustrate the benefits of small businesses accepting electronic payments,” explains Chernikoff. “We manage before and after school programs, and bring enrichment into the schools. Being able to accept electronic payments from parents has made us a better business partner, and has enabled us to grow our business dramatically.”

Chernikoff continues, “The growth of our business results in stronger programs for our schools. And, our vendors are able to expand their businesses.”


About Flex Academies

Flex Academies manages all aspects of before and after school enrichment programs for PTAs, foundations, school districts, and several 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Through its extensive network of over 100 curriculum providers, Flex Academies offers a wide variety of enrichment activities including STEM / STEAM, cooking, chess, coding and sports. Founded in 2008, and based in Washington D.C., Flex Academies works with schools throughout metro D.C., Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Enrichment programs with Flex Academies can provide a significant source of revenue for PTAs, and help boost enrollment. In 2017, Flex Academies delivered high quality enrichment programs to approximately 60 schools, and over 12,000 students.

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