Flex Academies, the nation’s premier afterschool programming provider, would like to invite you to a conference call on Best Practices for Managing an Afterschool Enrichment Program. We will be offering this session at no charge. The session will be moderated by Joseph Olchefske, President of Calvert Education Services and President of the Education Industry Association, and will include information from PTA leaders and experienced providers of afterschool programs in our area.

If you are an incoming PTA president buried with activity requests, this information can help organize your afterschool programs. Or, perhaps you are a PTA president who wants to strengthen your current program for next year. If you are a principal seeking a safer afterschool program, please invite your appropriate PTA member to attend this call.

During the 30-45-minute conference call we will discuss:

♦   Important, long-term benefits of afterschool enrichment activities;

♦   Guidelines for managing a successful afterschool program, including proper background checks for instructors, insurance requirements, and how to review and provide quality program offerings;

♦   Available tools, such as a community survey to identify the classes that students and parents want as well as how to set up an online registration system and other administrative procedures to ensure an effective and safe afterschool program at your school.

We will close the call with questions from participants on the call about their specific programs and resources.

Presenters: Joshua Chernikoff (Founder & CEO, Flex Academies) and Claire Slabaugh (PTA President and Afterschool Activities Coordinator, Westland Middle School, Montgomery County Public Schools).


Date: June 5, 2014

Time: 11:00 A.M.

Please RSVP and register for the conference call here.

As an expert in the field of afterschool enrichment, Flex Academies is committed to providing the tools to provide quality afterschool programming. During 2013-14 alone, we worked with over 250 students and more than 50 vendors, offering over 40 different activities. We look forward your presence on the upcoming conference call.

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