Xiomara Duarte

Where were you born?
I was born and raised in Nicaragua.

How long have you been an Onsite Coordinator?
2 years.

Tell us about your role as the Onsite Coordinator.
I am the person who keeps the whole program together. I ensure that all of the instructors are ready to teach, take attendance and help the students get to their classes. I also go to each class to make sure the students are having fun. At end of class, I organize the dismissal process.

What made you want to be an Onsite Coordinator?
I’ve always loved kids, and I’m very organized. I love my job!

Tell us one moment as an Onsite Coordinator where you saw after school enrichment at its best.
I see students enjoying after school enrichment in all of our classes. And parents are happy because of the convenience of the programs being held at the child’s school.

What makes you a great Onsite Coordinator?
I’m reliable, dependable and a hard worker. And, I love working with kids because they are always happy.

What was your favorite after school enrichment activity as a child?

What is your favorite “enrichment activity” now?
Still cooking!

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
Organized, responsible, kind, reliable and grateful.

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