Olivia Lai

Where were you born?
Kansas City, MO

How long have you been an Onsite Coordinator?
Since September 2016.

Tell us about your role as the Onsite Coordinator.
I ensure that the after school Flex program runs smoothly. I greet the vendors when they arrive, make sure the students get to the appropriate classrooms, manage the dismissal process, and answer any questions and/or resolve issues that may arise. I also observe the classes and make sure that everything is going well!

What made you want to be an Onsite Coordinator?
I was very involved in the PTA/PTSA at my children’s schools for many years. I loved interacting with the school administrators, staff, parents and students. My youngest child just went off to college. So when I heard about the position with Flex at Burning Tree Elementary School (the school my children attended), I happily jumped at the opportunity.

Tell us one moment as an Onsite Coordinator where you saw after school enrichment at its best?
I was amazed when I saw the film created by the students in the filmmaking session. Throughout the session, I had watched them brainstorm ideas for the film, write the script, learn how to use the camera, act out different scenes, and edit the film. It was incredible to see the students of varying grade levels come together to make such a fantastic film in only eight classes.

How do you perform your responsibilities as an Onsite Coordinator?
I perform my duties with enthusiasm, always! I am on top of any issues that arise, make things easier for those around me, go above and beyond what is expected, and do it all with a smile!

What do you like about working with kids?
Kids are so curious and interested in learning. It is so much fun to watch them interact with each other. They are always full of energy, so creative and so much fun to be around! They always keep me laughing!

What was your favorite after school enrichment activity as a child?
I don’t remember there being any after school enrichment classes at my school. I enjoyed kickball, riding bikes and playing tennis after school.

What is your favorite “enrichment activity” now?
I am a sports fanatic! I especially love the Redskins, Caps, Nats and UVA basketball. On any given day there is a good chance I am watching or attending a sporting event!

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Passionate, hardworking, outgoing, dependable and enthusiastic.

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What sort of duties do you have at work?  Supporting the Enrichment Team, supporting the Enrichment providers, planning and implementing the Enrichment programs at our partner schools, partnering with Operations to ensure smooth Enrichment programs in an environment where children can be safe, learn and have fun, hiring and training.

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