Flex Academies Named as Part of 21st CCLC Grant
to Bring After School Enrichment to Underserved Students

Washington, D.C. – Flex Academies has been named a part of two 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grants awarded to the Alternatives for Crime Scholarship Foundation to bring after school activities to underserved students at Potomac High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Woodhome Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore.

In the first hour after school, Flex Academies’ sister company, Ashley Tutors, will provide tutoring using the adaptive learning tool iReady. The elementary and middle school students will be sharpening their reading and math skills, while the high school students will use the iReady program to improve their PSAT scores and grades. Following that hour, Flex Academies will offer activities designed at keeping students engaged in the learning process. Flex Academies vendors Overtime Athletics will offer classes in yoga, and Midtown Youth Academy will offer classes in chess, as will Ashley Tutors.

“This is significant because we’ll be providing after school enrichment to an underserved student population that may not otherwise have access to tutoring and activities,” said Joshua Chernikoff, founder and CEO of Flex Academies. “Our mission at Flex Academies is to bring safe, fun, quality after school enrichment to all students and to help bridge the ‘activity gap.’”

The “activity gap” refers to the lack of after school enrichment opportunities for some students in underserved communities versus the opportunities available to those in more affluent school districts.

Flex Academies has proven its dedication to bridging the activity gap in other partnerships with the Washington Nationals Youth Academy and at Wheaton High in Silver Spring, bringing quality after school activities to students who might not otherwise have these experiences.

Chernikoff points out that after school enrichment programs have been shown to create a positive impact both on the individual student and the school as a whole.

“We’re excited about these partnerships and look forward to enhancing their total education experience,” said Chernikoff.

About Flex Academies
Flex Academies is a Washington, D.C.-based manager of before and after school enrichment activities for schools, foundations, and Parent Teacher Associations. Flex Academies offers a fun, safe afterschool program that benefits schools, their PTAs and their students through a wide variety of afterschool enrichment activities such as cooking, chess, sports and the arts. Since 2008, Flex Academies has partnered with schools throughout metro D.C., Connecticut, and New Jersey to provide high quality afterschool programs to over 12,000 students just this year. The company has helped to transform these schools’ extracurricular activities into a safer and more exciting learning environment while also serving as a significant source of revenue for the PTA as well.

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