After school activities are beneficial  to any school district and community. Not only do they keep kids occupied and near responsible adults in the late afternoon, but research shows that students in high-quality enrichment programs exhibit better behavior and test scores than non-participants.

And, just as important, the kids have a lot of fun in classes that reach past academic disciplines and boost their interest in new subjects, such as robotics or cooking.

The folks at Afterschool Alliance released a study in May of 2016 that highlighted all the positive effects that after school activities have on students. Those positive effects have ripple effects  in the school community. Test scores go up, districts perform better and parents have peace of mind about where their kids are and what they are doing. The Flex Academies mission is to bring after school enrichment and those positive effects to as many communities as possible.

Some studies show that students in quality after school programs are healthier than non-participating students, because they learn about the benefits of eating healthy and athletic and dance classes are plentiful.

As parents, we all want our kids to be safe and well-cared for after school. That is where Flex Academies comes in. Flex is dedicated to providing schools with a safe environment, where after school activities exist to give students a chance to expand their minds, enhance their academic performance and even better their health. In this video, Flex coordinator Carlie Parker talks about her role the supervisor for vendors and kids in the school. In additon to managing vendor attendance and coordination, she learns the name of each child and makes sure they are familiar with her, so the students are comfortable going to Carlie when they need help.

Sadly, it is often hard for kids to stay engaged and interested in school. However, there is evidence that participation in after school activities bucks that trend.

Contact Flex Academies today to see how your district and community can thrive with the help of safe, carefully managed after school activities.

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