How does your district manage its after school activities? With a slate of programs from AV and language clubs to athletic activities, it is a chore. What if you could outsource administration, promotion and instruction for your after school enrichment?

Administrators! There is a solution. Flex Academies has the expertise and experience to manage after school enrichment for any school and every age group. From sports programs that can accommodate kindergarteners to coding clubs that might produce the next Steve Jobs, Flex has every area covered.

Supplementing academic development is a key part of Flex Academies’ ethos. We work with tutors, teachers working after school and specialized vendors that can offer instruction in everything from cooking to LEGO engineering to computer programming to

Beyond academics, Flex vendors will take your students on a culinary journey in cooking programs, help them build an Internet-connected robot and assist in creating modern, HTML-powered websites.

Flex Academies handles all the vendor vetting, background checks, program implementation and daily management of instructors and students. Hand-in-hand with local PTAs, Flex can help your communities supplement the cost of the programs and promote the offerings to parents and students.

Principal Trish McGuire of Julian Curtiss Elementary in Greenwich, Connecticut, has been pleased with Flex’s organization and the on-site coordinator that handles day-to-day operations:

“This is different than when we managed our PTA [after school programs] in the past, where we had a different monitor every day. As a principal, I often had to become involved with what was going on because people weren’t as accustomed and prepared to deal with the day-to-day business here at school.”

How can we help you simplify your after school program management while bringing quality programs to your students? Contact Flex Academies to see how we can help your school’s after school program be the best it can be.

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