Many school districts prepare students with rigorous academic standards in math, science and writing. While grounding in the theoretical is necessary, the practical priority as well. Working with your hands at a young age.

Enrichment programs with options for hands-on activity are valuable for students as they work their way through the education system. Daytime classes can fulfill academic requirements, while after school, kids can get their hands dirty building rockets, cooking their own food or fixing their bikes.

Flex Academies offers a wide range of hands-on, minds-on enrichment programs that will give students a chance to build skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

After School Engineering

There is just no doubt about it: Kids love building things. And learning engineering concepts by creating complex LEGO structures or building rockets that actually blast off can have an edifying effect on their education. Enrichment programs with everything from robotics to bike repair help encourage well-rounded development.

Fun With Food

Eventually, kids are going to need to feed themselves, and learning how to cook exercises the scientific method of experimentation, teaches proper measuring skills and encourages following instructions. And it is a good (albeit sneaky) way to develop math skills for those kids that don’t love the incessant paper-and-pencil problem solving in your standard algebra class.

Get Their Hands Dirty

Even with all the screens surrounding them, kids still love to get outside. Riding bikes is classic kid activity that is always in style. And as the world gets more and more energy conscious, bike riding is poised to be a major way to commute. Someone needs to know how to fix bikes! Messing with the gears and chains is fun for kids, and the physics concepts that they learn are foundational for academic success as well.

With such a diverse mix of enrichment programs, Flex Academies can offer your district a leg up in student development. Contact us today to find out how we can manage your after school activities.

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