Building a strong PTA school partnership is necessary to a thriving school district. Parents get a centralized and efficient voice dedicated to common concerns, while teachers and administrators get an engaged partner organization with ideas, commitments and even fundraising power.

After school enrichment programs are the perfect inflection point for PTA participants and administrators. The student population needs enrichment to supplement their academic, social and emotional development, while administrators need community partners to help fund and implement those programs.

The PTA School Enrichment Basics

Parents can be a strong advocate for higher expectations. Along with that, administrators should work closely with the PTA to institute enrichment programs that to raise the performance of every child in every classroom. Both sides should look at this as a working relationship, rather than an adversarial one. Holding each other accountable should be a positive directive, not a an opportunity for “gotcha” moments.

Implementing Effective Programs

With a mission like educating thousands of children in multiple subjects, complex problems abound. The key for both sides of the PTA school partnership is to be understand the priorities of each side when it comes to designing and implementing after school programs. Administrators are almost always pressed for time, when the PTA works effectively with an after school enrichment partner, it benefits the whole district.

A strong, collaborative PTA school partnership is necessary  That understanding is crucial to being empathetic to the circumstances that teachers, principals and other administrators address daily.

Since administrators are so busy managing the day-to-day organized chaos of the school day, parents can be effective partners in advocating for curriculum add-ons that help prepare students for the world of tomorrow. Whether it is funding for the proper computer equipment to keep up in the digital world, discovering new STEM programs or lending expertise from their own fields, parents can be an asset to the school community in so many ways.

Flex Academies can be an effective partner to both the administrators and PTA stakeholders when pushing enrichment curriculum forward. By offering turn-key programs and on-site support for enrichment, Flex is a bridge builder and an efficient service provider.

Kids Are The Ultimate Benefactors

When administrators, teachers and parents facilitate a positive PTA school partnership, students will thrive. They will get support at home, extra resources in the classroom during early morning hours and after school.  A successful partnership can overcome surprise budget shortfalls with the fundraising prowess of a savvy PTA. The result? Students, parents, teachers and administrators all benefit from an environment with available human and financial resources for every need. Part of Flex Academies value can be as a successful year-long fundraiser for your PTA, without the need to commit volunteer resources.

Flex Academies can be the missing link that creates an even stronger PTA school partnership. Contact us today to see how we can manage a diverse after school program that meets the needs of students and parents, while freeing up parent volunteers to focus on student success.

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