The benefits of before school programs are just as numerous as the gains to be had from after school programs.

Communities with working parents can benefit when districts offer care in many different ways and at both ends of the school day. But how can a before school program be both an asset to the community and attainable for district administrators?

Before school programs provide even more chances for students to grow academically and socially. Plus, for parents with early shifts and demanding work schedules, activities at school in the morning can be an efficient and cost-effective strategy for simplifying their workdays.

Beyond getting schooled in the specific activity, kids can learn how to handle themselves in an early morning environment. Improving impulse control is essential to academic growth. Exposing children to learning environments at an unfamiliar time of day can be a valuable experience, regardless of the subject matter.

3 Ideas for Before School Programs

Early A.M. STEM

There is no question that the United States needs to make up ground in science and math. The world is teeming with excellent STEM students. School districts that make this type of education a priority at all times of the day in can reinforce basic scientific literacy and improve overall test scores.

And waking up with Minecraft, coding tutorials or app making classes is be fun and exciting for students. Stimulating the mind at the beginning of the day is a great way to get into an academic mindset .

Eggscellent Cooking

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not have the kids learn how to source the right ingredients, prepare a healthy breakfast and get an awesome start to the day? This can also take the lighten the cooking load for working, stressed-out parents.

Fit & Fun Mornings

Get the blood pumping before classes and you will have more attentive, more engaged students for the academic day. Schools can offer dance classes, martial arts and even strength training/exercise classes (modified for the age group, of course).

Both the cooking programs and the fitness programs can reinforce the importance of healthy eating, which is another way that school districts can establish their value to the community.

Flex Academies is a trusted partner in after school programs. We can provide the same services and expertise for your district’s before school programs. Contact us today to find out how we can jump-start your students’ mornings, while helping your parents as well!!

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