Kids are gifted in so many ways, and often their natural skills may not be not easily recognized. Previously we examined a few traits you might find in your kids that reveal more about their passions and personalities. These traits give clues as to what types of school activities they might enjoy. Flex after school activities complement various talents and ignite a love of learning they’ll carry into the future. Here are some more talents you might see in your child and the Flex activities that can help to further develop them.

Organized Precisionist

He used to line up his toys in a row, and group them by color. His thought processes and decisions are usually calculated and precise. His swift analytical moves in chess leave you speechless.

What it could mean: Your child has an analytical mind, and pays attention to details. He finds patterns in normal everyday things, and could indicate his aptitude in math and science.

Flex activities that work with these talents: Flex Academies uses a small group setting for math tutoring and have experienced tutors who adapt sessions to each student’s learning style. Our tutors are trained to help students make the difficult conceptual jumps to pre-algebra and algebra from arithmetic. This is great practice for the PSAT.

Visionary Tinkerer

She’s fascinated by how things work. She loves to design and build houses out of Lego blocks. You’ll find drawings of her designs for some type of new invention or a more functional chair.

What it could mean: Your child is imaginative and innovative.She wants to simplify or make better sense out of the things and items she uses everyday. She may have the mind of a problem-solving engineer or architect.

Flex activities that work with these talents: Through fun, hands-on projects students will get to explorearchitecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.  These Flex classes make architecture accessible to kids by teaching them about the beauty and wonder of the designs of buildings, landscapes, and neighborhoods around them.  Kids will learn about the art and the science behind buildings, and will even get to take on the challenge of building structures themselves using all kinds of materials.


He likes to call the shots and is a bit bossy, yet mindful. He’s influential with the other kids, and leads them through the rules of playground games. He’s decisive and takes charge when you give him a project, and is excited to show you when it’s complete.

What it could mean: Your child may be a natural-born leader. He considers different perspectives to get the job done, and likes to put his best efforts into it. He feels motivated when you give him new responsibilities.

Flex activities that work with these talents: Whether washing cars, mowing lawns, or baby-sitting in the neighborhood, young people can become their own boss as business owners.Flex classes  teach young entrepreneurs how to build and organize a business, produce a website, inspire raving fans in the community and –best of all –establish  a bank account from their hard work and ingenuity. Kids will enjoy developing individual businesses plans from idea, to marketing, to website, to possibly “opening the doors” for business!

Are you ready for an award-winning architect, or successful company founder in the family? Flex is ready to enhance your child’s natural talents! Learn more about Flex after school activities and contact us today!


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