Does your child set up a lemonade stand every summer? Does she constantly ask for more chores to earn money? Now, you can encourage your child’s entrepreneurial spirit with one of Flex Academies’ after school enrichment programs with vendors like C3 Cyber ClubEver Fi, and AppMakr offering cutting-edge learning activities.

App Making

Smart phones and tablet devices have changed our world. This is not the computer class you took while in school — it’s an evolutionary upgrade. App Making will teach your child how to build his own apps — an extremely marketable skill in today’s economy. We will start your child on the right path to dream about, design and build his own app.

Advanced App Making

Did your child excel in their App Making program? Then take her to the next level! This second installment of App Making will help students transition from brainstorming and basic design to more sophisticated programming. Students will be introduced to HTML programming and will learn how to perfect and market their skills. It is recommended that participants have previous App Making experience, though ambitious newcomers are welcome as well.

Money Makes Cents

It is extremely important to teach young people about managing their own money. This 10-week course teaches children about credit, saving, budgeting, investing, and paying for college.  The group will learn about how to earn money, grow money, borrow money (including the pitfalls of credit cards), budget, and invest for their retirement.  This course makes “cents” for kids of all ages!

Run Your Own Business

This course teaches evolving entrepreneurs how to build and organize a business, produce  a website, inspire  raving fans in the community and begin building a bank account from their hard work and ingenuity. We will spend the second half of the 10 weeks developing individual businesses plans from idea, to marketing, to web site, to possibly “opening the doors” for business!

Whether washing cars, mowing lawns, or baby-sitting in the neighborhood, young people can work to become business owners too. These after school enrichment programs can be the first step in your child’s bright future in business.

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