Talents come in all shapes and sizes, big and small. Many kids have amazing gifts that you can  see and recognize, while others may have talents hiding under their normal day-to-day actions and behavior. These talents might need some help to develop, but you’ll need to read the clues to your child’s hidden talents to understand what they could mean. Flex has a long list of fun after school activities that encourage students to foster their wonderful gifts and share them with the world. See if you see your child in any of the traits here, and learn how Flex can help you nurture those talents.

The Chatterbox Intellectual

She may talk nonstop about her day, have a vocabulary range more advanced than most kids, and express insightful views about her daily life that would certainly impress any adult. She may talk very fast with clear organized thoughts, and may want to have the last word in an argument.

What it could mean: Your child is articulate and gifted in language and proficiency. She may enjoy reading and writing, and can clearly get her thoughts across to anyone.

Flex activities that work with these talents: Debate is more than just well-written and articulate presentation. Great debates can change nations when between politicians like Stephen Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Other debates teach us how to engage with less-than-friendly parties and engage in civil discourse, while developing mediation skills. Flex Academies has after school activities that teach these two debate styles and others, as well as coaching students on how to prepare for debate, including the examination of an issue from multiple perspectives.

The Creative Daydreamer

Your child might have lots of ideas to share when he’s not dazing into his own imagination. He may see incredible potential in ordinary items and spaces around him. He might even have a collection of doodles and drawings with detailed backgrounds on their existence.

What it could mean: Your kid may have an uncharted creative perspective and could be dreaming up some pretty big ideas. He may be a great storyteller and able to create unseen worlds and universes just with his imagination, or create interesting characters with unique stories.

Flex activities that work with these talents:  Narrative filmmaking is one of the progressive and collaborative after school activities that focuses on filmmaking technique, emphasizing pre-production, executing a well-conceived plan, visual storytelling, and artistic style. Working in a hands-on environment, budding filmmakers are introduced to the craft of cinema while developing their skills. Students are shown a first-hand experience on how film is a unique and meaningful form of art, entertainment, and instruction.

The Puzzle-solving Gamer

She loves putting together puzzles, solving riddles, or enjoys reading her favorite mystery book. She has already anticipated her opponent’s next move rather than use trial-and-error, and uses precise measure to make her maneuver.

What it could mean: She may easily see the big picture when it comes to a challenge, yet is nimble enough to explore the details of possible outcomes in a flash of time. She looks for clues, and fills in the gaps while making an analysis of the situation.

Flex activities that work with these talents: Chess is a fun, challenging, and confidence building game that teaches children how to use strategic planning, patience, and focus in order to achieve their goals.  These are useful skills that apply both on the chessboard and in real life.  In this class, kids learn the rules, and the tricks of one of the most popular games in the world!

Could you be the parent of the next Oscar-winning director, a lawyer, or Nobel-prize winning scientist? Flex can help your child recognize and enrich her their hidden, natural-born talents. Learn more about Flex after school activities and contact us today!

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