It’s easy to tell if your child likes to dance, especially if you always catch him moving to the music. KIds love to perform full dance routines from music videos or movies in the living room for you, or come up with their own moves to their favorite music. You can see their happiness as they move to the rhythm and the beat. Flex Academies has a fun after school activity that your little dance fan will love.

If ballet or other athletic activities don’t excite your child, hip hop dance activities are sure to keep her active and entertained. It can be a great physical outlet for kids who might not otherwise be into sports, and it is growing in popularity with children of all ages. With Hip Hop Dance, Flex students learn dance styles of how to break, lock and pop. The Flex dance instructors help build confidence and help  students become more comfortable performing.

Could Hip Hop dance be a fun after school activity for my child?

Has your child enjoyed dancing in the past or asked for lessons? Kids may get their interest in dancing by seeing it somewhere or it might just be natural to some . Dancing is a  wonderful way to enjoy music and maintain an active lifestyle. Flex instructors provide a welcoming and fun after school activity that encourages students to learn about this exciting style of dance and music. Students will be learning dance, teamwork and exercise.

If your child loves moving to the beat of the music, a fun after school activity like Hip Hop Dance will have him  dancing for joy. Learn more about other arts & entertainment activities through the Flex after school program and contact us today!

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